12 May 2019 | Lowveld National Botanical Garden

Gourmet food market

Apart from a stunning, soothing setting with music for the soul, a gourmet food market will sell artisan food and drinks to ensure that not only moms, but the entire family have a delicious choice of items to nibble on whilst enjoying the show.

Remember to bring your picnic blanket and/or chairs!

Little Karoo Coffee Shop

Karoo goodness in every bite!

What’s on the menu? Vetkoek & mince, Chicken burgers, Quiche, Olives, Olive Paste, Cakes, Lime & Soda cold drink, Passion fruit & lemonade cold drink.

Steam Street Cafe

What’s on the Menu? Sushi, Subs, Wraps, and Sandwiches.


Serving the ultimate Mexican street food, along with our famous frozen cocktails and granitas, the Picasso’s Food Truck has something delicious for every taste

What’s on the menu? Chimichangas, Nacho’s, Quesadillas, Bacon jalapenos,
Churro’s, Bacon& egg rolls, Strawberry granitas, Margaritas and Daiquiris.

Milky Lane

Milky Lane is the place where you get the warm and fuzzies, and you feed your imagination. Served up with a double-order of smiles, and topped off with a scrumptious range of toppings and flavours.

What’s on the menu? Sugar Cones, Ice cream cups, Candy Floss sugar cone, Candy Floss, medium cup and Ice cream toppings.

Crisp Cup

Nothing beats your first cup of Crisp Cup Coffee and drinks!

What’s on the menu? Coffee Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Red Latte, Chai Latte, Hot chocolate, Milo, Café Mocha, Smoothies and Ice coffee.

Coral Blooms

Get your bespoke flowers for Mom as a little something extra on her special day.

What’s on the menu? Floral crowns, Floral necklaces, and Flower bunches.

Duke Gin

Duke is an exotically fragrant gin – traditional and tropical botanicals are gradually infused during distillation to produce a balance between sweet, fresh hints of rose, ginger, and honey, and grounded, earthy tones of juniper berries and macadamia.

Devil’s Peak

Our passion is in creating beers with loads of flavour, character and depth using exclusively the finest ingredients from around the world. Beers that push boundaries, beers that our drinkers take the time to stop and savor in an ever increasingly frenetic world.

Tropika Slush

An old favourite for young and old!

What’s on the menu? Mango, Peach & Pineapple flavours and Tropika Smooth ice/slush

Dollie’s Cart

Charming and mysterious, she raises the spirits of those who indulge in her tipple…
Dollie Gin is made of distilled grain spirit rich in botanicals containing angelica, citrus peel, juniper berries, licorice, and orris root. Each infused batch is carefully crafted by selecting the finest and freshest ingredients, many of which are homegrown in the subtropical town of Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. There are three uniquely delicious flavours.

What’s on the menu? 3 x Gin Cocktails (Dollie Gin), 3 x Craft Rum Cocktails.


The wines of Zevenwacht Estate are distinguished by their finely crafted elegance and classic style. Our winemaker, Hagen Viljoen, honors the centuries-old wine-making traditions, yet is boldly innovative, welcoming the contribution that modern technology makes to the vinification of premier wines.

What’s on the menu? Zevenwacht Cabernet Sauvignon, Zevenwacht Sauvignon Blanc, Zevenwacht Merlot, Teven Rosé, Tin Mine White and Tin Mine Red.

Tropika Slush

An old favourite for young and old!

What’s on the menu? Mango, Peach & Pineapple flavours and Tropika Smooth ice/slush

B’s Pancakes

No one can resist fluffy filled pancakes. Sweet or Savoury pancakes are the best.

Are you interested in setting up a stall at the Sappi Mother’s Day Market?

Please fill in the form and we will get in touch with you – please make sure you specify what you are about and what you will be selling.

We look forward to chatting!